May 1995Frank Johannhörster and Michael Reker found JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH nwith the company location in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck. Shop floor and production area: 600 m²
September 1996We establish our own Design Engineering Department.
November 1997Purchase of 3,000 m² of company premises in Verl
December 1998Set-up of a Department for Quality Assurance
September 1999Start of construction of the new production site in Verl with space of 1,200 m²
October 1999DIN ISO 9001 certification
April 2000Company move to Verl
August 2001Expansion of the new premises in Verl to 1,600 m²
January 2002Foundation of ISPA GbR: The Design Engineering Department which was internal to date now becomes independent
March 2002Purchase of another property of 2,200 m² in Verl
November 2003Integration of our own drawing simulation workstations (Software Autoform)
2003–2007Period of consolidation
January 2007Expansion of office space by 200 m² as well as shop floor space by 350 m²
April 2008Benteler Automotive AG awards JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH the prize for n„Best Supplier of the Year 2007 for Toolings“
August 2008Purchase of another property in Verl with 2,050 m² and a hall with 400 m²nThus, the land area in Chromstrasse grows to more than 7,000 m²
March 2009ISPA Engineering changes its construction software from AutoCAD to Catia V5
July 2009Initial operation of the CNC/CAM High-performance mill center Zayer ”Tebas“ (5,000 × 3,000 × 1,100 mm)
May 2010Introduction of paperless manufacturing (TEBIS terminals in manufacturing)nInitial operation of the CNC/CAM High-performance mill center Zayer ”Memphis“ (3,000 × 2,050 × 1,100 mm)
August 2010Introduction of an ERP system nAn in-house development and thus directly tailored to the requirements of tool making
2011 – 2013Period of consolidation
2013 Acquisition of two 5-axes machining centers:n- Grob G550T (900mm x 800mm x 1,000mm)n- Haas UMC 750 (630mm x 500mm x 500mm)
January 2014Expansion of production area and office space through the purchase of adjoining property
2015 and 2016Period of consolidation
2017Planning of new building with press
2018Build new hall | Purchase 2000t press
2019launch of new production building with 2000 sqm and a 2000to press


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