May 1995Frank Johannhörster and Michael Reker found JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH
with the company location in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck. Shop floor and production area: 600 m²
September 1996We establish our own Design Engineering Department.
November 1997Purchase of 3,000 m² of company premises in Verl
December 1998Set-up of a Department for Quality Assurance
September 1999Start of construction of the new production site in Verl with space of 1,200 m²
October 1999DIN ISO 9001 certification
April 2000Company move to Verl
August 2001Expansion of the new premises in Verl to 1,600 m²
January 2002Foundation of ISPA GbR: The Design Engineering Department which was internal to date now becomes independent
March 2002Purchase of another property of 2,200 m² in Verl
November 2003Integration of our own drawing simulation workstations (Software Autoform)
2003–2007Period of consolidation
January 2007Expansion of office space by 200 m² as well as shop floor space by 350 m²
April 2008Benteler Automotive AG awards JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH the prize for
„Best Supplier of the Year 2007 for Toolings“
August 2008Purchase of another property in Verl with 2,050 m² and a hall with 400 m²
Thus, the land area in Chromstrasse grows to more than 7,000 m²
March 2009ISPA Engineering changes its construction software from AutoCAD to Catia V5
July 2009Initial operation of the CNC/CAM High-performance mill center Zayer ”Tebas“ (5,000 × 3,000 × 1,100 mm)
May 2010Introduction of paperless manufacturing (TEBIS terminals in manufacturing)
Initial operation of the CNC/CAM High-performance mill center Zayer ”Memphis“ (3,000 × 2,050 × 1,100 mm)
August 2010Introduction of an ERP system
An in-house development and thus directly tailored to the requirements of tool making
2011 – 2013Period of consolidation
2013 Acquisition of two 5-axes machining centers:
- Grob G550T (900mm x 800mm x 1,000mm)
- Haas UMC 750 (630mm x 500mm x 500mm)
January 2014Expansion of production area and office space through the purchase of adjoining property
2015 and 2016Period of consolidation


A 2000t press for JoRe Werkzeugbau

Since beginning of year 2018 we can work with our own 2000t Loire Safe press We are proud to have one Loire Safe press of not many on the world with imporntant components from Germany in our machine park. With a table of 5000 x 2500 we are safe for …