A 2000t press for JoRe Werkzeugbau

2000t Loire Safe

Since beginning of year 2018 we can work with our own 2000t Loire Safe press
We are proud to have one Loire Safe press of not many on the world with imporntant components from Germany in our machine park.
With a table of 5000 x 2500 we are safe for the future.

Company Expansion

– Januar 2014 –
Since early 2014 we have expanded our manufacturing and office space again. We are currently working hard on renovation or reconstruction of the existing property on the adjacent grounds. By extension, we obtain 900sqm more production space and 250 square meters more office space. This won area is to be used primarily for the equalization of the current conditions.

neuer Eingangneue Halle

Investing in the Future – Expansion of Possibilities

– March 2013 –
Demographic change has an impact on tool making as well. There is a shortage of skilled employees and apprentices. But precisely in skill-intensive fields such as tool making, the transfer of know-how and the developing of potentials are of utmost importance. Therefore, JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH has reacted to this with the in-house development of its own specialists and executive staff. Each year, tool makers, cutters, draftsmen and office employees are recruited and trained. Currently, there are four apprentices in their first year of apprenticeship who will in all likelihood be employed by the company on a permanent basis upon successful completion of their apprenticeship. Corresponding to the changing market requirements, the classic organizational structure of JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH is developing constantly. In the coming years, the recruitment of more employees will probably be necessary. This is influenced by different factors: demographic aging, market requirements, as well as internal requirements and thus necessary structures and changed job descriptions. JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH is aware of the need for further development and therefore focuses on slow but steady growth. Some organizational units are expanded by additional functions and others are relieved accordingly. Even completely new jobs are created in some cases, which had not been necessary to date and/or which had not required a full-time employee such as in Purchasing or Finance & Controlling. Especially in times of constant general and economic change, it is crucial that the management take charge of the strategic direction, human resources development and management control and continue to pursue these stringently. JoRe Group is investing in its future. It also has a perspective for the next fifteen years with regard to the expansion of office and shop floor work space.

Introduction of an ERP System – an In-House Development

– August 2010 –
In the summer of 2010, JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH extended its production data acquisition. With the help of a system developed in-house, all relevant company and project data can be centrally gathered, stored, processed and eventually put at the corresponding responsible person’s disposal. Above all, the project management could be optimized with this system. In tool making, it is of utmost importance that all project phases are documented and that they can be reproduced in the event of later improvements or with a new assignment. Transparency and communication are the two essential features which determine a successful co-operation and project implementation. Both JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH and the customer benefit from this. All processes are supported by automated systems – from the planning, via the design and the production through to the completion of the job on the customer’s premises, as well as the aftercare operations and the maintenance. The exact and prompt gathering of all project data allows precise statements about the current project progress and respective adjustments to the project plan. As the software solution is continually enhanced, it is thus optimally tailored to JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH’s and its customers’ requirements. For example, we are currently working on making exact capacities and availability visible at any time and just at the touch of a button and on entering milling and eroding work into the data base with positional accuracy.

Tradition and Technical Progress in Tool Making

– May 2010 –
JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH is proud to look back upon long-standing experience in tool making. When it comes to the manufacturing of tools and forms, the use of modern technology has increased constantly. Nonetheless, know-how and traditional handiwork still continue to play an important role. In order to make the processes in tool making as efficient as possible and to cater to the customers’ requirements for fast processing times as well as high transparency, various technical advancements arrived at JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH. On the one hand, the in-house design department ISPA Engineering changed to 3D designs. To this end, the designers use the simulation software Catia V5. Subsequently, on the other hand, paperless production was introduced to the shop floor. This enables tool makers and technicians to access all data necessary for production at every machine on separate terminals. That way information such as parts lists, work instructions or plans are readily available. Moreover, this facilitates communication between design and production considerably, thus creating a central platform for the exchange of information.